Monday, June 17, 2013

Minnie Mouse Tutu Tutorial

~Minnie Mouse Tutu ~

So this is a very easy DIY tutu tutorial ! Perfect for Birthdays, dress up, or even a trip to Disney !

What you need:

( I used 2 rolls of 6x25yds )
*White Felt 
( Not Pictured )
*Measuring Tape
( See End of Tutorial For Various Measurments )
( Non-Roll)
*Satin Ribbon (Not Pictured)
*Lighter (Not Pictured)

 First you need to cut a strip of elastic, using you measuring tape you can measure your little ones waist and than add 2 more inches for a nice fit. If your making this as a gift you can check out the end of this tutorial for   various sizes and lengths of tulle for each.

In this tutorial I am making an 18-24 mth tutu, the length of elastic I am using is 18in.
Once you have cut your strip, you need to glue the ends together ( NO SEW )
Please be aware glue is hot so be very careful !

If you do not have a glue gun, you can always easily sew each end together!

After you apply the strip of glue, press down hard and wait for it to dry

It should look like this once dry 

Next you need to prepare and cut you tulle strips.
I am using two rolls of 6x25yds
because the length of my tutu is 10-11in , I will need to double that, so I will be cutting 20-22 inch each strip

Once you have all your strips cut, now starts the tutu making !

First you need something to hold your elastic band, I used a paper towel roll, which worked perfect !

Take One strip ( if making a more full tutu you can use two strips or more), and pull one end under the elastic and bring the other end over:

Taking the bottom strip make a loop, pull one end through and pull making sure both ends are even:

Now take one end, form a loop and pull through to make your knot. Make sure both ends are even.

 When finish your first tulle strip should look like this:

Now Repeat these steps until you have a full tutu !

Once your tutu is full to your liking, were going to weave the satin waistband to give it a more clean look!
I use the whole roll and snip off whatever I do not use. 
Take your light and hear seal the tip of ribbon. 

Apply a strip of glue and press down on to the tutu ( Please be careful it may get hot !)

Starting from the back, bring the ribbon under a strip of tulle and over, then under the next strip and over again. 

Repeat this step until you've reached the end of the tutu.
Once you've reached the end, heat seal once again and glue down.

Now you have a satin easy no sew waistband !

(Sorry I forgot to take a photo of it before I added the bow !!)

Next, We need to cut out the felt spots. I found that using the bottom of the tulle spool, (plastic piece that comes off), makes a perfect size !

Cut out as many as you would like or need:

Add a small dab of glue onto the spot and attach to different strips of tulle.
(WARNING, glue is sticky, and hot, please be careful!)

Optional, you can add a simple bow, polka dots, or plain red or black ribbon. And embellish it however you'd like and voila ! You have a Minnie Inspired Tutu :) 

Well Hope you all liked this tutorial, It is my first, Please comment if you have tried this and let me know how you have done :)

Here are some other photos of Minnie tutus I have done as well :

Tutu Sizes


  1. What a wonderful tutorial, they are just darling!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Thank You Really appreciate it :)

    And you are very welcome !!

    Stephanie :D

  3. Thanks so much I made one and it came out great!! WONDERFUL TUTORIAL

  4. Thank you so much! Just what I was looking for to make my granddaughter a Mini Mouse tutu. Yours is very easy to follow and beautiful. Thanks again

  5. Can you tell me what sizes I would use for my 13year old daughter she is a 10/12 size?
    Thanks so it.

  6. Thank you soo much for the step by step photos love the final product too cute!

  7. And where can I find how to make the shirt/in Asia?

  8. I meant shirt/onesie*** (silly spell check)

  9. I need to make tutu. For my little. Girl's they. Are 9. One size. 8. One size 14 plue

  10. I need to make tutu. For my little. Girl's they. Are 9. One size. 8. One size 14 plue

  11. Hello! I was wondering how long you cut each strip of tulle for the one in the tutorial. Thanks

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