Monday, June 17, 2013

Minnie/Mickey Mouse Ears Tutorial

These are super easy to make and super cute when finished !
Did I mention super cheap ?!
A pair of ears at Disney or at a Disney store are super expensive !
Well  for less than 5$ you can make your very own !

What You Need:

*Felt (Black)

***If you cant find a black headband you can also make your own ! 
I will show you how as well in this tutorial !

If you do not have a black headband you can use black ribbon
and weave it around a headband you already have.

Start off by heat sealing the tip of ribbon, add a dab of glue and press firmly onto back of headband.

 Bring ribbon over and under and over and under, throughout the whole headband, when you
get to the end glue it down.

If you already have a black headband you can skip those steps and go straight to
cutting out the ears !

You need two pieces of felt, I haven't made a template, but when I do  I
will post it !! But another perfect way to make ears is using ribbon,  its a perfect circle size for ears !

Position it on the felt and trace out the circle, it's best if you use a silver marker, that way 
you can see the outline

Next go down just a bit and trace another circle

The space between the circles, draw two lines connecting them

It should look something like this

Next cut out the ears

To make sure they match in size you can fold them over and snip off any excess

Next add glue on one side, making sure not to get to close to the bottom ( that's were we will
stick the headband through)

Now do the next set of ears!

Now you are ready to position the ears

If your doing just Mickey, simply just slip them through and position them how you want.

If you are doing Minnie, I think putting the bow first helps position the ears easier

First you need just a simple bow, like below

Simple Bow Tutorial will  be up soon

Add a dab of glue and press till it dries,take the excess straps and glue them down

Now slip on the ears

Put a dab of glue in the crevasse and pinch close
(Be careful not to burn yourself)

To help the ears stand more better, you can glue the bow to the ear

Ad voila ! you have an easy pair of Minnie/Mickey Ears without spending an
arm and a leg ! These make awesome party favors, items for dress up and more !

Here are some more ears I have done!

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